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Intergenerational Wealth and the Black Community

The Black Community is experiencing a wave of entrepreneurial spirit, brought on by the pandemic and various social issues over the past 2 years. This is underscored by a sense of empowerment, fuelled by the possibility of easier access to capital to bring great...

5 Key Exit Solutions When Retiring From Your Business

Business valuation haggles, tax complexities, family disagreements, funding challenges, and legal wrangling are the inevitable right of passage when retiring from your business. Because each directly impact your 5 key exit goals: Realize or exceed your asking price....

Will My Business Survive the Next Wave of COVID-19?

Your business will overcome the waves and spikes of Covid-19, with a business continuity plan. The ultimate goal of course, is to save your business and preserve the wealth you and your family built over these years. Steps necessary to preserve your family wealth If...
Exiting My Business – Am I Driving or Mitigating?

Exiting My Business – Am I Driving or Mitigating?

Numerous potential obstacles affect the process of sale or transfer of a business. Predicting and successfully managing such challenges makes the owners drivers (versus: mitigators) in an exit from the business.