Our commitment as underscored by our brand Effectuation Optimum, is to help entrepreneurs realise their BEST. And knowing that the entrepreneurs’ Next Biggest Decision will be the exit of their business, our company have developed steps to make it their best decision. The Effectuation Optimum team are advocates for business exit preparedness, fully understanding the challenges faced by entrepreneurs to initiate and manage this process. We partner with our clients to employ a simplistic but comprehensive 4-step approach to realising the well-being and financial security they desire in retirement or other life pursuits:

  1. Business health / value assessment and remedial strategy determination
  2. Business remedial activities
  3. Tax planning preparation
  4. Due diligence preparation

Underscoring this approach, is our desire to help owners and their family realise over a 3- to 5-year period:

  • A business plan for the family enterprise pre-sale or succession.
  • The selection and preparation of a successor, or the preparation of the business for sale where there is no successor;
  • The well-being of the owner manager and family;
  • The desired lifestyle and compensation of the owner post exit; and
  • A business plan for the family enterprise post succession (where applicable).