We deliver a holistic strategy for small to medium size family businesses geared towards improving their current viability, sustainability and next generation success; through the integration of business succession and continuity solutions. Our solutions does not only protect and improve the value of the business; but also facilitate a successful transition to the next generation or external interests.

We accomplish this through a comprehensive plan tailored to the family unique circumstance and goals that lays the foundation for a smooth transition of a viable business from incumbent to successor or external interests. Covering the critical areas of:

  • A business strategy for the family firm pre succession or sale.
  • The selection and preparation of a successor, or the preparation of the business for sale where there are no successor;
  • The well-being of the owner manager and key family members;
  • The roles, responsibilities and compensation of the incumbent post succession / sale; and
  • A business strategy for the family firm post succession.

With the ultimate goal of positioning your business and your successor (should you opt for family succession) to continue growing your family wealth.