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Do you know that 93% of business owners exit their business without a plan, resulting in significant losses in family inter-generational wealth?

I am Errol Whittle; I help business owners with succession preparedness and family wealth preservation. 

I became passionate about this issue after my extensive global research while completing my MBA,  and working with clients that sadly revealed that approximately 9 out of 10 business owners retire or leave their businesses with hardly enough to take care of their retirement or health, and having to deal with a big tax bill.

After coming to this gut wrenching realization of how ordinary mom and pop family business owners had to exit without receiving a price worthy of the tremendous 20- 30 years of sacrifice I knew I had a DUTY to buck this trend.

If you want to buck the trend and be counted among the successful business owners who exit with an iron clad plan, I invite you to a 30-minute no obligation consultation.


A business exit strategy is fast becoming essential for business owners approaching retirement…

Business owners caught up with their day-to-day operations are grappling with the necessity to develop their business exit strategy. A struggle that could lead to losses for themselves and their family. The following links to Financial Post articles provide a snapshot of the challenges business owners face challenges that Effectuation Optimum can help you overcome.

How we help You

We offer you our EO4 Framework Exit Solution 

Business Health Assessment

You obtain a business plan with a defined road map, to help you realize the best value for your business when sold or transferred.

Business Improvements & Transition

You partner with us over 2 – 3 years to implement your action plan for a successful transition.

Tax Planning and Asset Protection

You obtain a wealth preservation plan to protect your personal assets when the sale or transfer materializes.

Due Diligence Preparation

We help you compile the appropriate documents and resolve legal or regulatory issues to provide assurances to potential buyers and bankers that they are acquiring a sound investment.

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