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well-being &

financial security

of entrepreneurs and their family 

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I am Errol Whittle, founder of Effectuation Optimum. I have developed a very simplistic and holistic approach to help you and your business accomplish an exit strategy most appropriate for you and your family.

We will help you realise an optimal value for your business, tax opportunities appropriate for your circumstance and expedite the due diligence, funding and transition process.

The time to plan for your exit is now. Let us sit down and discuss your exit goals.

There is a crisis looming for small- and medium-sized family businesses…

Despite full awareness of the pending retirement of the business owner-manager and the imminent transfer of control, many businesses are stuck in a state of inertia in particular, the Baby Boomer demographic. They are caught up in the overwhelming tasks of day-to-day operations and don’t believe they have the time or resources to focus on succession planning. There is a growing risk to financial security during retirement, and loss of family wealth. The following links to Financial Post articles provide a snapshot of the challenges entrepreneurs currently face challenges that Effectuation Optimum can help you overcome.

Our Services

Effectuation Optimum offers succession continuity solutions for family businesses

Family Immediate Wellbeing

Assessment of the preparedness of your family and your business, should you, the owner manager, unexpectedly passes or become incapacitated.

Exit Strategy

Development and guided execution of a comprehensive multi faceted plan to prepare the incumbent, successor and family for the transitioning of a viable business to a properly prepared successor, equipped to sustain the business growth and family wealth

Preparation for Sale 

Development and guided execution of a plan to optimize the value of the business, and ultimately achieve it’s profitable sale.

Value Optimization

Development and guided execution of a plan to enhance the value proposition and streamline the operational effectiveness of the business with a view to make it attractive to potential successors, employees and investors.

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