Exit Strategy

We will partner with you to employ a holistic risk management approach to overcome the various succession barriers facing you, in your desire to achieve a successful business succession.

We will prepare and execute plans unique to your situation, starting with the Business Plan. The subsequent plans will seek to prepare your successor, yourself and your family for the transitioning of a viable business to a successor properly prepared to enhance the value proposition and business model to sustain the business growth and increase your family wealth.

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Post Succession Business Plan

We will partner with your successor to commence the groundwork for the development of their future vision for the business. The Post Succession Business Plan is the “survival kit” for the successor when he/she assumes the leadership of the business. And the more tools / strategies the merrier. The plan will include strategies to continue improving the business value proposition while staying true to the authenticity and expectations of the customers.

The Post Succession Business Plan evolves from the initial Business Plan. It should ideally reflect a very informed view of the anticipated market and industry situation and the likely direction it will take. And equally, it should reflect the successor’s very informed take on the company’s strengths and weaknesses juxtaposed against the market and industry conditions.