Business Improvements & Transition

You partner with us over 2 – 3 years to implement your action plan for a successful transition.

Action plans developed during the process of our assessments will be implemented to:

  1. Optimize the business value.
  2. Efficiently manage your tax obligations.
  3. Protect your assets.
  4. Expedite the sale.
  5. Transition to a successor should you choose this path.

We will partner with other professionals to ensure all tax and legal considerations are fully explored.

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Post Succession Business Plan

We will partner with your successor to commence the groundwork for the development of their future vision for the business. The Post Succession Business Plan is the “survival kit” for the successor when he/she assumes the leadership of the business. And the more tools / strategies the merrier. The plan will include strategies to continue improving the business value proposition while staying true to the authenticity and expectations of the customers.